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    Ellen Etten got her BFA from NYU's Tisch
    School of the Arts, where she studied at the Atlantic
    Theater Company. There she learned how to act
    drunk and be so bold as to pull down her pants and
    sit on a toilet for the camera. She was most recently
    seen on Comedy Central's Workaholics and wrote
    and stars in the upcoming series "LA'd," now up
    at ellensdatinglife.com!

    Florence Hartigan was born in Ithaca, NY, and raised
    in Auckland, New Zealand. In her former life down under,
    Florence appeared in numerous film and TV productions
    including Vanessa Alexander's Magik and Rose (where she
    played a sarcastic teenager), the BBC/South Pacific Pictures
    Maddigan's Quest (in the role of a freedom fighter), and
    New Zealand's highest rated drama Shortland Street (as
    the girlfriend of a lesbian nurse). Since coming to LA,
    Florence has appeared in two feature films, Steep Creek
    Pictures' The Witch of Portobello, and Toward A New
    Cinema's Entrance which premiered at the Los Angeles
    Film Festival in 2011.

    Burl Moseley began his acting career in New York,
    performing in such plays as Christopher Shinn's Where
    Do We Live
    (Vineyard Theatre), Zakiyyah Alexander's
    Blurring Shine (NYC Fringe), and Daryl Watson's Prime
    (Abingdon Theatre). He created the role of Benjamin
    in Daniel Alexander Jones' Bel Canto in Boston. He has
    performed at the Sundance Theatre Lab as well as the
    New York Theatre Workshop. TV highlights include 24
    (Fox), Mike and Molly (CBS), Law & Order (NBC),
    Brothers & Sisters (ABC), The Defenders (CBS), The
    Young and the Restless
    (CBS), and Monk (USA). Film
    credits include Straw Man, Feel Good Lost, and Truth.
    Burl is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

    Mark Skeens is a bearded man... sometimes. Hailing
    from the Big Mitt, Mark built his strength shoveling
    snow and scraping windshields as a youngster. August
    2011 found Mark in the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh,
    Scotland, performing in the acclaimed Anton's Uncles for
    the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Boy, was that a good time.
    Much like the adventures of Pant & Wag....
    Nothing prepares you to edit comedy based on
    reality TV better than... editing reality TV. Nobody
    knows that better than Isaiah, whose expert grasp of
    creating something great out of utter crap can be seen
    on display both here and on several not-to-be-named
    reality TV shows.

    Straight outta the City of Brotherly Love, Tuan has
    filmed in such far-flung locales as the snowy depths
    of upstate New York to the wide desert expanses of
    Southern California. Of all of his work, Pant & Wag
    is definitely not one of the highlights.

    Ms. Margraf recently left the high-stakes world
    of network television. She went on to produce this
    independent comedy. This may prove to be the
    biggest mistake of her life.

    Starting out as a mudlarker on New York City's
    Hudson River, Ben worked a series of odd jobs
    culminating in a stint in the Navy and a single
    trip aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. He
    continues his run of odd jobs today as a jack-
    of-all-trades in the world of post production.

    A Graduate of the NYU School of Film, Branson
    prefers to remain a man of mystery. If you have a
    burning, itching question about him, you can
    probably get the soothing, topical cream of an
    answer from branson@archetypestorytelling.com.
    ...is the latest in exciting, edgy sketch-
    comedy from the minds that brought you...
    well, nothing previously.

    This all-new team of young(ish) auteurs is
    considered the Flock of Seagulls of indie
    comedy. But don’t take our word for it,
    check out the pilot episode or any of our
    sketches. Don’t wait, just do it... do it now...

    ...and stay tuned for more episodes of
    PANT and WAG!